Invest in Our Youth


Invest in Our Youth


To:  Supporters of students at MAES

Re: Fundraising: 6th Annual “Invest in Our Youth” stock purchase program - 2019-2020


The purpose of this letter is to inform the supporters of students at MAES of the 6th annual “Invest in Our Youth” fundraising program.  This SINGLE fundraising event replaces the time consuming practice of collecting fees or participating in other fundraisers as a way to pay for events/items such as trip to the zoo, skiing, assignment books, the overnight trip, music and PE supplies, or other numerous “extras” which enhance the educational experience for our students. This program - which 100% of the funds directly benefit the students - will be sold at $40 per share.  We ask each family “sell” one share for each student enrolled at MAES.


The program is very simple.  We are selling “Invest in Our Youth” shares.  Our goal is to sell 555 shares -  one for each student at MAES. Each share is priced at $$0 per share.  I am asking each MAES family to either “sell” or buy one share for each child they have enrolled at MAES.


We have already spoken to several businesses in the community.  Their generosity has allowed us to offer the stock at a lower price.  A heartfelt “thank you” goes out to the following businesses/clubs for their stock purchase: (This will be updated as we gain commitments from businesses once we “kick-off” the sales.)


All stockholders will have a stock certificate displayed at the elementary school.   You may certainly purchase additional stock for those less fortunate.  Contact the office if you need assistance with your purchase.  


My hope is this one time request is a workable way to take care of what isn’t a fun task for anyone involved.  Every stock dollar raised stays here at MAES to support our students.  Should you want more in-depth information I would be happy to speak with you in person.  


Kind regards,


Mr. Shane Monson

MAES Principal

DISCLAIMER: *Activities conducted outside the school day (Community Education) and elective classes such as band may still request payments.  Also please note, other organizations, not affiliated with the school, may still ask students to fund-raise.  In addition you are still responsible for lunch, milk, and snack break payments - should you choose to participate.  


Payment Options:


1. Go to the Morris Area Schools website: Click on the “Donate to Morris Area Schools” link on the right side of the page.

- Enter the “Donation Info”

- Under “Apply donation to:” choose Universal

- Complete information as needed (address, payment option, etc.).

- In the “Additional Information/Comments” type: Invest in Our Youth

- Click on: Submit

2. Send a check (payable to Morris Area Schools) or cash to our school with your child or by mail:


Morris Area Elementary
Invest in our Youth
151 South Columbia Ave.

Morris, MN 56267