Our Farm to Cafeteria (School) program has been going for many years.  It was started by using apples in the lunch line one time and has grown considerably.  We now have a school garden and greenhouse, and use many products from local sources.  We incorporate as many Farm To School products as possible as often as we can into our regular menu.  Some are served 2-3 times per month and some only in season.

Some of the local foods we use and the links to their producers are as follows:


  • Tomatoes                                    School Garden

  • Squash and Pumpkin                  August Grothe  School Garden

  • Peppers                                        School Garden

  • Wild Rice                                     Canoe Wildrice                              

  • Green Beans                                School Garden

  • Grains made into Dinner Rolls    Benson Bakery

  • Apples                                         Swenson Orchard

  • Strawberries                                UM- Morris

  • Potatoes                                      Apperts  School Garden

  • Cucumbers                                  School Garden

  • Carrots                                       School Garden

  • Beets                             

  • Onions                                             School Garden

  • Honey                                           Kent & Lori Peterson                   

  • Sweet Corn

Most of our producers are right here in our area and some bigger operations like Canoe are farther away.  We also use food service companies like Apperts to provide ready to use products that they buy locally (St. Cloud area) like our cut red potatoes.

Contact Info:


Jeanine Bowman, Director

320-589-1250 ext 2065


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