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If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of our district staff below.


Troy Ferguson, Superintendent
tferguson@morris.k12.mn.us | (320) 589-4840


Natalie Ketterling, Superintendent's Assistant/Food Service
nketterling@morris.k12.mn.us | (320) 589-4840 x2220 


Jeannie Maanum, Finance
jmaanum@morris.k12.mn.us | (320) 589-4840 x2223 


Angie Smith, Human Resources & Payroll
asmith@morris.k12.mn.us | (320) 589-4840 x2221 

Schedules change.  Buses run late.  Emergencies occur.

MORRIS AREA SCHOOLS uses JMC as our Instant Alert system. 
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PH: (320)589-4840  201 S. COLUMBIA AVE MORRIS, MN 56267