Distance Learning, Hybrid, and Quarantine Meals

If your child is not in person schooling right now, you have the following options for free meals:


1)  Distant Learning is for those who are only Distant Learning.   Please complete: Distant Learning Survey

Meal pick up is Thursdays from 4-5:30 pm at the elementary school by the cafeteria.


2)  Hybrid Meals is for high school students only.    Please complete:  Hybrid Meals Survey

Meals are left in the student's lockers in the afternoon of the last day of the week.


3)  Quarantine Meals are for those out due to illness, quarantine, etc.   Please complete:  Quarantine Meals Survey

Meal pick up is at the south high school parking lot by the garage doors.   Call 320-585-2193 to let staff know you are there.   Dates of pickup are to be determined.  This is a single pickup with all meals needed included for days missed.


If you have questions, please email  Jeanine Bowman at jbowman@morris.k12.mn.us or call 320-585-2065.