Morris Area Activities/Athletics Department

Mark Ekren, MAHS Activities/Athletic Director | 320-589-4400 ext 2203


Jodi Arndt, MAHS Activities/Athletic Secretary | 320-589-4400 ext 2201


Chokio-Alberta Activities/Athletic Secretary, Jennifer Wulff | 320-324-7131

The Morris Area Activities/Athletic Program seeks to develop our young people physically and emotionally and to provide opportunities for enjoyment and success.  The very foundation of this involves employing caring and devoted coaches who oversee this development.  Our vision is to develop academic opportunities and motivate students to participate and excel in co-and extra-curricular activities.  Core values which guide our vision include teamwork, integrity and honesty, a safe environment, accountability, communication, positive attitude and a desire that every student can learn.  These are important corner- stones of our activities/athletic program.

Fall sports registration begins 8/2/21

PH: (320)589-4840  201 S. COLUMBIA AVE MORRIS, MN 56267